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Use the words native speakers use to talk about driving in English. With this advanced English vocabulary lesson, you’ll learn what to say: - When you want to offer driving someone else - What to ask/say when you need someone else to drive - Common expressions to use with Uber/Lyft drivers - How to talk about traffic and car problems Get the full lesson at: In the lesson, I also mention *How to Give & Get Directions in English* Watch this lesson at: #speakconfidenglish #advancedenglish #englishvocabulary ——— FREE TRAININGS: Start building your English confidence for work and daily life:👇 ⚡️Free Training: Get the Confidence to Say What You Want in English ⚡️Free Training: Surprising Secrets for Confident Job Interviews in English ——— CONNECT WITH ME: WEBSITE: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: INSTAGRAM: ——— WHAT MY STUDENTS SAY: 💬 ❞I feel that it is specialized for shy people, or maybe people that feel they are stuck. Annemarie has the tools to improve it. — Monica, Colombia ❞I noticed changes in my pronunciation and my fluency. This is just the beginning of getting my confidence back! — Anne-Laure, France ❞I’m glad that I did Fluency School last year, it helped me overcome the fear of speaking in English & I’m much more confident! — Emilia, Brazil 🎧Listen to interviews and read more English fluency and confidence success stories here: ——— COMMON QUESTIONS: Q: Where are you from? A: I’m from the United States but I’ve also lived in Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France. Q: Do you speak another language? A: I do! French. 🇫🇷 I lived in France for 4 years. Q: How can I learn with you? A: Find out about all my small group courses here: Or learn more about 1:1 classes with Speak Confident English at: WANT TO LEARN WITH ME EVERY WEEK? Join me at: ——— MY FAVORITE CONFIDENT ENGLISH LESSONS ❤️ English Fluency and Confidence, 5 Mistakes to Avoid: What to Say When You Feel Stuck in English: How to Interrupt Someone Politely in English: How to Show You’re Finished Speaking: Uncomfortable Questions and How to Deal with Them: 10 Ways to Tell Someone to Wait in English: ——— WHY I STARTED SPEAK CONFIDENT ENGLISH I’m so glad you’re still reading. I want to tell you one important thing—English fluency and confidence are 100% possible for you, even if you feel shy, frustrated, and stuck. With Speak Confident English, I share strategies, skills, and resources so you can get the English fluency and confidence you need to: ✨Have conversations, get the job you want ✨Share your opinions in a business meeting ✨Make friends easily and start a conversation with anyone in English ✨Go to the grocery store without stress ✨Feel comfortable with any situation—in English

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100% PROVEN : You can start Speaking English fluently from today itself, that too at home, HOW? Learn Sentence Structures that you need to use in daily life. आप “Spoken English Guru” की Complete English Speaking Course Kit (सभी Videos एक के एक बाद Lesson-wise) घर बैठे कैश ऑन डिलिवरी पर मँगवा सकते हैं। Link - This Course Kit contains (इस किट में क्या क्या है?): (1) A 32 GB OTG Pen drive, having 250+ Lesson-wise & Lecture-wise Videos. (2) A Complete Lesson-wise English Speaking Course Book to help you in practice. (3) A Daily Use English Sentences Book comprising 100 Lessons & 5000+ sentences. (4) All the ENGLISH CHART STICKERS covered in videos so far. अगर आप घर बैठे अंग्रेज़ी सीखना चाहते हैं तो दिल से मेहनत करने को तैयार हो जाइए। OTHER USEFUL LINKS: FREE “Practice Exercises” available on Android App: English Speaking Course Book - Daily Use English Sentences Book - Lesson-wise Video Lectures {32 GB OTG Pen Drive}: Urdu eBook (Spoken English PDF): Spoken English FREE PDF eBook (Hindi): English Charts: Facebook: Instagram: For getting all the above links on your mobile, please write “LINK” and send to 9760375308 through whatsapp. You’ll get the links within a minute. अंग्रेज़ी बोलना कैसे सीखें?? How to learn English Speaking Lesson 1: English Basics Lesson 2: Parts of Speech Basics Lesson 3: Simple Sentences - Present, Past & Future Lesson 4: All Tenses Lesson 5: All Modal Helping Verbs Lesson 6: All Prepositions Lesson 7: All Conjunctions Lesson 8: Daily Use English Sentences Lesson 9: Vocabulary Exercises Lesson 10: English Speaking Practice Lesson 11: Hindi to English Translation Tricks & Exercises Lesson 12: English to Hindi Translation Exercises Lesson 13: Active and Passive Voice Lesson 14: Concept & Use of “Be Being Been” in English Lesson 15: Miscellaneous Topics | Grammar & Spoken Lesson 16: Gerund, Infinitives and Participles Lesson 17: Phrasal Verbs in English Lesson 18: Practice Exercises & Quizzes Lesson 19: Doubt Clearing Videos Lesson 20: English Conversations Lesson 21: English Speaking with Kids Lesson 22: Listening Practice Exercises Lesson 23: Spelling Mistakes & Pronunciation Videos Lesson 24: Do you know Module Lesson 25: Spotting Error | Subject Verb Agreement Lesson 26: Interviews Questions & Tips Lesson 27: English Writing Lesson 28: Direct Indirect Speech / Narration in English #howtostartspeakingenglish #howtospeakenglish #howtolearnenglish #spokenenglishguru

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• For Admission in Online Course : click here - • Online class में admission लेने के लिए यहाँ click करें : • How to take admission in Online Paid Course (Process) : • Online Class कैसे लें (प्रकिया) : • New Online Batch Starts On : 27May 7 PM • New Offine Batch at Mukherjee Nagar starts on : 29-30May 6PM • Address : Head Office- 103-A-37,38,39 2nd Floor, Ansal Building,Near Chugh Dairy, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar Delhi 110009 • यदि आप हमारी books खरीदना चाहते हैं तो contact करें : contact no. • For enquiry : 011-45535235, 9560319896, 9990936964 • Whatsapp No:- 9990936964 • How to start speaking English • The DSL English Coaching at Mukherjee Nagar Delhi, now a leading institute, was founded by Mr. Dharmendra Kumar. DSL English institute imparts basic to advance english learning to the students of UPSC, SSC CGL, bank IBPS, CPO, NDA, CDS, DSSSB and other competitive exams. The DSL English Institute also provides Paid Online Course/class of English for beginners be it school students or aspirants of various competitive exams and others. • "Distance must not be the barrier in accessing quality education" This has been the idea behind launching 'Online Course' and 'The DSL English YouTube classes'. • DSL English course provides : • English Grammar • Objective English • Writing Skills / Descriptive English • English Spoken Class & Speaking Practice • English Test Series for ssc cgl upsc cpo and other competitive exams • Best Vocabulary Tricks • Best English books for ssc cgl and other competitive exams to improve english • Daily english practice • English Translation • Doubt Class • Grammar Section includes: Time & Tense | Voice | Narration | Question Tag | Noun | Article | Pronoun | Adjective | Verb | Adverb | Conjunction | Preposition Subject - Verb Agreement/Syntax • Objective English for SSC CGL, Bank PO UPSC, CPO, Judiciary and other Competitive exams includes : Cloze Test | Comprehension | Sentence Rearrangement | Common Errors | Fill in the Blanks | Sentence Improvement So, let's learn English with Dharmendra Sir • Thank You for watching the videos • Like and share the videos with your friends. • If you have any Doubt,Query,Suggestion please comment below in comment section. Study Hard , God Bless You • Follow DSL English and Dharmendra Sir • Website : • Fb : • Youtube : • Twitter : • Blog : • Google plus : Translation (Hindi to English) - Spoken English Tips - Self Introduction - Article 0 to Advance Class - English Syllabus & Strategy - Demo Class - #EnglishGrammer #englishspeakingcourse #OnlineClassesByDharmendraSir #EnglishKaiseSikhe #EnglishKaiseBolnaSikhe #PaidOnlineCourseForEnglishSSCCGL

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English Speaking Lesson – Summer Vocabulary (Improve your English) Blog : In this English lesson you will learn some interesting English vocabulary to talk about summer. The temperature has started rising, it’s hot ,it's sunny, people like to go the beach or on a holiday. Yes, It is Summer Season! In this lesson we will look at some general vocabulary to talk about the summer season. Website : Facebook : Boiling hot – It is a common expression for describing a very hot day . Example - It is boiling hot today we all should go swimming. Scorching – Extremely hot Example - It was a scorcher today ,we didn't even step out of the house. Sweltering – Uncomfortably hot. When it is excessively hot and humid and is marked by sweating and faintness. Example - There was no air conditioning in the conference room and we all were sweltering. Stifling – A very hot room or hot air that causes difficulties in breathing. Example - The air was stifling in the closed room. Roasting – When the weather is very hot and dry. Example - The torrid sands of Sahara have left me roasted. Searing – Extremely hot and intense Example - I can’t take the searing heat of the sun. Heat Wave – A period of extremely hot weather that is much higher than usual and is accompanied by high humidity. Example - This heat wave is killing us, we need to buy an air conditioner immediately. Heat Stroke – A flu like condition that one acquires after being exposed to very high temperatures. Example - Bring lots of water and wear a hat to avoid heat stroke in this hot weather. Sunburn – Reddening and inflammation and in severe cases blistering of the skin caused by over exposure to the harmful UV ray of the sun. Sun Tanning – It is the process whereby the skin colon is darkened. It is a result of exposure to UV radiation from the sun or from artificial sources such as tanning bed. People also engage in sun bathing to get tanned. Sunscreen lotion – Sunscreen lotions or cremes protects you from unwanted and harmful UV rays that tend to damage your skin. Sunglasses /Shades – Dark eye wear to protect you from the sun.

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تعلم الإنجليزية الممارسة أو الدارجة مع سبيته English with Sbeata SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel: تابع جميع الفيديوهات: Youtube channel : Facebook: اذا بتعرفوا حدا بده يتعلم انجليزي بطريقة سهلة ومبسط اقترحوا له قناتي: tell your friends who want to learn English easily and share with my channel with them:

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This is the best video to get started with English daily conversations! Click here to access personalized lessons, tons of video series, wordlists and more! Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required Step 3: Achieve Your Learning Goal and master English the fast, fun and easy way! In this video, you’ll learn all the words and phrases you need to improve your English speaking skills and be able to have a conversation with a English native speaker.. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning English, and improve both your listening and speaking skills. Follow us here: ■ Facebook: ■ Instagram: ■ Twitter: Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks! #English #LearnEnglish #the United States #EnglishLanguage #EnglishClass101


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