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Channel Title : Chamras Saewataporn

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Chamras Saewataporn, a musician and a composer who was born in Thailand by the bank of the great Chao Phraya River and Wat Prayoon Wongsawas temple on December 1955. Born of hard working principled immigrant parents from China, Chamras learned to appreciate the value of work and the satisfaction of achievements. His parents have settled in Thailand 20-30 years before his birth. His father was an expert engineer and accepted well by people at that time. He was trained to be an engineer-as his three other brothers were-but he was more inspired by music. Growing up along the riverside, Chamras had absorbed the beauty of the philosophy of this stream. He grew up with this river. He often walked through the Memorial Bridge that crossing over the river and connect the solitude of Thonburi to Bangkok’s bustling civilization. It was also Wat Prayoon Wongsawas constant reminder of death and its teachings and philosophy behind life that made Chamras even more aware of the beauty in all things-beauty he wanted to express but did not know how until music came to his life. Although, his family’s economic situation was limited, Chamras graduated from Chulalongkorn University, one of Thailand’s well-known university. While studying at the university, Chamras worked in restaurants and nightclubs as a musician. He has never learnt about music seriously. His vision and Imagination for music production came from his real experience of play and composing music. And of course they are from the spirit of water and the life circle he has seen since he was young. He came to realize music was the avenue that he had been searching for. With music he is able to express the feelings of beauty he had long experienced and kept in his heart. Nothing can stop him ever since. Chamras has composed more than a thousand songs, a hundred of them were played as theme songs in movies. He won many times for domestic and international awards like The Best Music from 32nd Asia-Pacific Film Festival 1987 Taipei. "But many awards and money should not be the goal of a musician." Chamras said. He believes his music, his creation, is to be the property of the universe. "When I die and, if possible, get born again, I wish I could listen to my own music." He further explains, "Nothing in this world belongs to us. Not even ourselves nor our creation.. it is all duty.. some lesser some greater." He has composed many series of spiritual songs created for healing and relaxation. saewataporn/id341019683

Channel Title : Chamras Saewataporn

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Composed by Chamras Saewataporn Green music Thailand Line : greencenter Tel : 66 813147547

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Chamras Saewataporn의 머리가 맑아지는 로하스 음악 15곡

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Chamras Saewataporn(샴라스 세와타폰)은 태국의 세계적인 뉴에이지 명상음반 작곡가이자 뮤지션이다. 그의 음악적 토대는 선(禪)과 불교에 뿌리를 두고 있으며, 이에 영감을 받아 곡들이 쓰여졌다. 명상적이고 자연주의적인 'Green Music'으로 불리며, 명상, 릴랙스, 힐링, 스파, LOHAS 음악으로 널리 이용되고 있다.

Channel Title : 체칠리아kim sunog

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Chamras Saewataporn(샴라스 세와타폰)은 태국의 세계적인 뉴에이지 명상음반 작곡가이자 뮤지션이다. 그의 음악적 토대는 선(禪)과 불교에 뿌리를 두고 있으며, 이에 영감을 받아 곡들이 쓰여졌다. 명상적이고 자연주의적인 'Green Music'으로 불리며, 명상, 릴랙스, 힐링, 스파, LOHAS 음악으로 널리 이용되고 있다.


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